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Wrong-Way Driver Takes Lives And Causes Carnage In Spartanburg | Greenville Accident Lawyers

An accident last Wednesday night has shaken the city of Spartanburg. A massive six-car pile-up took at least four lives. So what could have caused such a senseless and heartbreaking tragedy? Early indications are pointing to drugs and alcohol.

The scenario was one that we see as accident lawyers in Greenville far too often. And worse, it’s one of the hardest scenarios for innocent drivers to escape from. A driver was barreling down Interstate 85 at 11 pm at night… and he was going in the wrong direction.

The wrong-way driver rushed past a state trooper at a high rate of speed. Other officers soon got involved, pacing the driver with their lights and sirens on, desperately trying to get his attention. Despite their best efforts, the worst happened.

According to a member of the Highway Patrol:

“Before [they were] able to get him stopped, due to this driver traveling south in the northbound lanes, there was a multi-car collision involving six vehicles,”

At least seven individuals had to be rushed to nearby Spartanburg hospitals for treatment and many of their injuries were severe. Even more tragically, four people (including the wrong-way driver) lost their lives that night.

There are reports that alcohol was found in the truck of the man who was driving recklessly down I-85, but there’s still a lengthy investigation to come. It will be conducted jointly by the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office and the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

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