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Work Zone Safety: Must Know Information For The Road

Slow Sign - Work Zone Stock Photo

The smooth and efficient interstate travel that everyone takes for granted would not be possible without the maintenance and construction done in work zones. This is why motorists should not feel frustrated or impatient when driving through them. In truth, most work zones do not add significantly to your overall commute time because they are deliberately set up to minimize traffic delays.

Work zones however, are dangerous for both the motorist and the people doing the construction work. Fast moving traffic must be made to slow down and squeeze through narrow lanes where machines and work crew are busy on either side.

A high potential exists for rear-end collisions, collisions with the work crew and their equipment, and with the barriers that line the lanes. Road surfaces are often uneven and lanes can jog back and forth in different directions. Safely getting through these circumstances demands patient and careful driving which some drivers fail to do. If such a motorist injures you in an accident, Columbia car accident attorneys can advise you of your legal options.

Here are five work zone safety tips:

Pay Attention To And Follow The Warning Signs

Warning signs are orange-colored and diamond-shaped. They indicate lane closures, distances to the construction area, reduced speed limits, and other information essential for your safety.

Increase Following Distances Well Before The Work Zone

Allow plenty of space between yourself and the vehicle in front. Traffic speed before work zones can slow down with a dangerous abruptness, especially when traffic levels are high.

Merge Early In Lane Closure Areas

Waiting until the last second to merge forces you to either cut another off or wait until someone allows you in. This disrupts smooth traffic flow and increases the risk of rear-end accidents.

Obey The Posted Speed Limits

Unlike ordinary traffic situations where speeding endangers yourself and other motorists, speeding in work zones also endangers the lives of construction workers who are not protected by the steel cage of a car. Speeding in work zones result in the doubling of normal traffic fines.

Stay In Your Lane While Driving Inside Work Zones

Abrupt lane maneuvers within a work zone are a recipe for getting rear-ended or sideswiped.

These tips will reduce your risk of getting into a work zone related accident. However, if in spite of this, a driver injures you in an accident, get a Columbia car accident attorneys’ advice on what to do next. For a free no-obligation consultation, contact us.