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Why You Need To Take Notes After A Car Accident in South Carolina

Car Accident Lawyer

Many people will be involved in at least one car accident in their lifetime. However, well before contacting a car accident lawyer, there are steps you can take to make sure that your case goes as smoothly as possible, and you receive as much compensation as you deserve. Those of us at the law offices of Harris and Graves in South Carolina want you to be prepared. Read further to learn how to avoid making critical mistakes when presenting your case.

Document Your Accident

A car accident can be understandably disorienting. However, it is important to write down everything you can possibly remember about it as soon as you can. Describe the events in sequence, starting from briefly before the accident. Describe the driving conditions, people involved, and conversations with emergency personnel. People may forget simple facts that can be used, such as time, date, and weather. Especially important is your perspective of the accident. Note anything out of the ordinary that you sensed before the accident, and what you felt going through it.

Pictures can be enormously helpful, as well as witnesses and other people related to the accident. If possible, take photos of all vehicles involved, and talk to anyone available who was nearby when the accident occurred. The longer you wait, the more evidence fades away, so timing is crucial. Also remember to record details of conversations with insurance representatives, particularly specific names. Very often, knowing exactly who you spoke to can be extremely helpful.

Document Your Injuries

Injuries sustained in a car accident may be severe or even seem insignificant, but documenting every symptom and mentioning every new development will help both your doctor and your lawyer. No impact is too small to mention if it may help award you more compensation later. Glossing over that small bump on the head and the resulting lack of sleep can cost you.

Mental damage can also warrant compensation. Anxiety and post-traumatic stress caused by an accident can affect daily life as much as a broken leg. Note any changes in your mental condition after the accident, and if possible speak with a mental health professional who may be able to identify ways in which the accident has affected you beyond the physical.

Document Your Losses

Changes in physical or mental capabilities after an accident can result in permanent losses from many aspects of your life, document each of these as they occur. Monetary, occupational, recreational, and social losses are just some of the problems you should take note of. A detailed list of medical and other expenses resulting from your accident, as well as bills and receipts, will help justify your compensation.

Working with a Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, Harris & Graves can help. With convenient offices located in Columbia, Greenville, Conway, Spartanburg, Rock Hill, and Florence, Harris and Graves is dedicated to helping South Carolina residents receive the compensation they deserve. For more information, call us today or a fill out our contact form.