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Why It’s Worth Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Columbia, SC

the scene of a car accident in Columbia, SC

Car accidents can be stressful and confusing. You may be wondering who’s at fault, who’s responsible for medical bills, and whether you can get reimbursed for lost wages. Even if your injuries only appear minor, an experienced car accident lawyer can help you navigate the claims process and seek the compensation you deserve.

Find out why it’s worth hiring a car accident lawyer to negotiate on your behalf for the settlement you deserve in Columbia, SC, or anywhere in South or North Carolina.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Seek the Full Amount You Deserve

a woman calling a lawyer after a car accident in Columbia, SCEven if your accident seems straightforward, the other side’s insurance company and lawyers can complicate your claim for compensation. Having a car accident attorney like those at Harris & Graves on your side can help you seek the full compensation amount to which you’re entitled.

For example, you may be entitled to compensation for current and ongoing medical treatment, physical disfigurement, permanent disability, vehicle damage, lost income, lost enjoyment from life and hobbies, or negative effects to your relationship with your spouse or family.

Lawyers Have Extensive Knowledge of Car Accident Laws

While you can research Columbia, SC, car accident claims, it is very difficult for someone with no legal background to fully understand all the laws that apply to your claim and how to maximize your benefits. Our lawyers have years of experience handling car accident claims and can determine which circumstances and laws apply to your case.

If your case has to go to court, our lawyers can ensure all the paperwork is filled out correctly and completely and that the documentation is organized and prepared. We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring no penny is left on the table when it comes to seeking the settlement you deserve.

Lawyers Can Negotiate With Insurance Companies

an insurance adjuster evaluating a car accident claim

Insurance companies can deny an insurance claim, even if the case seems clear-cut. In cases where the fault is difficult to determine or the circumstances are complicated, insurance companies have the advantage.

A car accident attorney can negotiate with the insurance adjuster, provide the right information, and fight for your rights. For example, some insurance companies offer a lowball settlement to resolve the case quickly, but our attorneys may be able to negotiate for a higher amount.

Lawyers Can Represent You in Court

If your car accident case goes to court, you will need to keep track of a lot of legal rules, formalities, paperwork, and deadlines. You will also have to convince the court that you sustained personal injuries as a result of the accident, which can be difficult without proper legal training and knowledge.

Our personal injury lawyers are prepared to fiercely represent you in court, including filing all the paperwork, defending your claim, and speaking on your behalf.

Get the Help of Our Columbia, SC, Car Accident Attorneys

Experiencing a car accident is traumatic, especially if you’re unsure what to do next. At Harris & Graves, we’ll serve as your dedicated partner in the fight for the compensation you deserve. We will take on the legal pursuit of compensation for you, building the strongest case possible on your behalf. Give us a call at 803-799-2911 or fill out an online form to get your free case review today.