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When Should You Contact a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Greenville, SC?

First responders at the scene of a car accident in Greenville, SC.

Car accidents caused by another person’s recklessness are unexpected, leaving many people uncertain of what steps they should take next, including wondering if they need a lawyer. With all of the mounting expenses from the accident and your injuries, you may realize that you need to seek your deserved compensation to pay the bills. Knowing when it is the right time to contact a lawyer can increase your chances of the maximum possible compensation for your injuries and losses caused by the accident.

The actions you take immediately following the accident can have a huge impact on your case. Keep reading to find out when you should contact a lawyer after a car accident in Greenville, SC, to make sure you don’t lose out on the compensation you deserve.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

A man calling his lawyer after a car accident. In accidents that involve catastrophic damage or injuries caused by someone else, most people call a lawyer as soon as possible. With a minor accident and injuries, you may be wondering if you need a lawyer at all. If your accident wasn’t your fault and involves any injuries that require a trip to the hospital or damage to your vehicle, it’s best to contact a lawyer after the accident as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Plenty of things can negatively impact your accident claim, such as the police report not reflecting the details of the accident accurately or a question of who was at fault for the accident. If you try to file a claim on your own, you could be left at a disadvantage and end up with a settlement offer that’s lower than you deserve. If you call a lawyer, your case will be handled appropriately from the start and give you the best shot at your maximum possible compensation.

How Soon Should I Contact a Lawyer?

Ideally, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The at-fault party will most likely notify their insurance company immediately, which means you can expect a call soon after. Insurance companies may come across as friendly and helpful, but ultimately, they’re not on your side. They’re seeking to reduce or eliminate their liability by getting you to say the wrong thing or accidentally admit fault. If you call the right lawyer immediately after an accident, they will speak to the insurance company on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected.

Another aspect of your claim to consider is the statute of limitations deadline. This is the deadline you have to file a claim for your car accident injuries and property damage. In South Carolina, you could have as little as two years or as much as three years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim. An experienced lawyer will be able to evaluate your case so you are aware of your case’s specific deadlines.

What if I Started the Process on My Own?

A woman looking stressed trying to start the claims process on her own.If you chose not to call a lawyer initially and started the claims process on your own, you can still bring in a lawyer at any point in time. It’s never too late to protect your rights. Your lawyer will take it from there, investigating the accident and compiling evidence to build a strong case. Your lawyer will also field any calls from the insurance company and negotiate for your settlement on your behalf. If your case needs to go to court, your lawyer will represent you before the court and advocate on your behalf.

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