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What You Need To Know About Construction Site Injuries

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It could happen to just about anyone. You’re walking downtown, past a construction site, and you either slip and fall from damage, or something falls and injures you. Construction projects seem to be ubiquitous these days and the dangers they represent can’t be understated. What happens when you do get hurt in such a situation?

If you weren’t doing anything wrong, you are likely eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. This can cover a range of damages you suffer, but collecting sometimes requires help. Read about what to do if you are hurt at a construction site, the laws that apply, and how a South Carolina personal injury attorney can help your case.

Construction Accidents and Liability

Like every personal injury case, injuries that result from construction sites depend on being able to prove liability. This relies on the concept of negligence. You need to be able to prove that the construction company or crew were in some way behaving in a way that created unreasonable danger. Some circumstances that often result in being hurt at a construction site can include:

  • Poor Barricades or Fences: The company is required to establish a broad enough perimeter to keep the public safe. If you are injured because these fences or barricades weren’t far enough out, liability can be proven.
  • Lack of Adequate Warnings: Construction sites are required to be set off with sufficient warnings to alert people to the potential danger. If these signs and warnings are not present or are not clearly visible, you might have a claim.
  • Equipment and Tools: The equipment and tools at every construction site are required to be properly inspected, maintained, and secured. If you suffer an injury due to equipment malfunction or unsecured tools or machinery, this could represent negligence.

Proving Negligence

It’s important to understand that the simple presence of conditions like those above aren’t enough on their own. You need to prove certain factors that constitute negligence in order to collect damages for the harm you’ve suffered.

Construction accidents often boil down to three basic factors, which each must be solidly established to secure compensation. These three factors are:

  1.      The construction company or site owner had a duty of care to provide a safe environment
  2.      The duty of care was breached
  3.      The specific breach of that duty was the direct or proximate cause of injury

Let’s say, for example, that the tools on a construction site weren’t properly secured, but there were warning signs about the dangerous area. You slip and fall on gravel from wandering into the area despite warnings. You can’t sue based on the tools being unsecured.

South Carolina Construction Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured on a construction site in South Carolina and feel that you deserve compensation for your injuries, the attorneys at Harris and Graves can help. Give us a call today and schedule a free, no-obligation appointment to talk about the details of your case, and let us help you get justice for your injuries.