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What To Do When An Insurance Adjuster Requests Your Medical Records After A Claim

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When involved in a personal injury accident, there are a number of legal hurdles you will have to overcome in order to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. This includes dealing with insurance adjusters. Often, these adjusters want access to your medical records, and, as a general rule, local residents should consult with a South Carolina personal injury lawyer before giving anyone information on your case.

With years of professional experience in the industry, the legal team at Harris & Graves knows exactly what to watch out for when working with an insurance adjuster. You can start by keeping the following information in mind.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Want?

As personal injury lawsuits move forward, you will likely be required to send copies of relevant medical records along with a personal injury demand letter. At this point, an insurance adjuster might ask any number of things in order to resolve your case. Sometimes this includes an “independent medical examination” (IME), which is often used to deny you the proper benefits. Furthermore, if you needed to undergo X-rays to treat your injury, an adjuster may also request medical information from the radiologist who performed the X-ray.

Do You Have to Share Medical Records with an Adjuster?

The answer here depends mostly on what you consider to be reasonable, though your own insurance policy will usually require you to divulge very personal information. However, if you were involved in a personal injury accident and are now dealing with someone else’s insurance company, you probably are not under any obligation to share records with them. In fact, you would probably be much better off immediately getting in touch with a personal injury attorney.

Just keep in mind that insurance companies are not necessarily always trying to help. When it comes to your medical records in particular, many adjusters only want to dig deep into your personal history to find something to disqualify you from benefits.

Do Not Sign Anything without an Attorney

Never sign anything without your attorney present. This includes any forms that authorize adjusters to obtain any of your medical records. By that same token, you should never give an adjuster verbal permission to access your files. Adjusters tend to make this difficult by insisting that you share your records or risk losing compensation. Just stand your ground and call a lawyer. Finally, when you do share information, make sure it is completely relevant to your case only.

Contact a South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer for More Information

Dealing with insurance adjusters is hardly ever a pleasant process. Having to relive your accident and injuries with a skeptical stranger can be difficult, to say the least, and you deserve to have a skilled lawyer for advice and counsel.

South Carolina residents should therefore get in touch with a representative at Harris & Graves today for more information on how to deal with an insurance adjuster. If you have any questions on the personal injury process, our team can help you!