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Steps You Can Take If You’ve Been in a Car Accident That Was Caused By Road Construction

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Sometimes it feels like the city is perpetually under construction, and you can’t get anywhere without driving through something orange. Everyone knows that construction zones can be dangerous; there are even laws in place to keep people safe while driving through. But what happens when there’s a mistake by the construction workers and it causes you to get hurt?

It’s hard to sue the government, but if you’re injured due to negligence and errors in road construction, it’s possible that you may have a personal injury case. Learn everything you need to know about road construction accidents, what to do if you are injured by construction negligence, and how a car accident lawyer can help.

Road Construction Accidents and Mistakes

There are a number of mistakes that could be made by road construction crews which can result in you getting hurt via road construction accidents, and the construction company or government holding responsibility for your injury. These mistakes include having improper signage in place to warn you about the road construction; the requirement to negotiate exceedingly sharp turns or passages or creating dangerous road conditions that are unmarked — hidden potholes, camouflaged ridges in the road and the like.

Finally, there are certain conditions that can occur even after construction is done. If the road is left in poor condition, and that condition leads to a car accident in which someone is injured, the injured person may be able to file a claim against the government as the owner of the road due to their failure to properly maintain the streets.

Construction-Related Injury Cases

Construction companies that work on the roads hold many of the same responsibilities and duties of care that those who create buildings hold. They are responsible for creating a relatively safe environment for those who need to pass by, or through, the construction zone. This means they have to follow all state and federal rules and regulations including warning signs and measures to keep passers-by reasonably safe.

If they violate, or breach, this duty, the construction company can be liable for harm caused by their failure to behave in a responsible manner. Those injured could be eligible to collect damages including property damage, medical expenses, lost wages (plus lost future potential earnings), pain and suffering, and damages for your decreased quality of life, including damage to relationships.

Why You Need an Attorney

If you’re ever involved in road construction accidents and are seriously injured, it’s essential to hire a qualified and competent auto accident attorney. Proving negligence against a construction company can be tricky and their insurance company will try all manner of tricks to shift blame and avoid payouts.

In addition, many of these accidents involve the government, which creates an entirely different playing field with a whole new set of rules. Only an attorney can help you properly navigate these murky waters to get the compensation you deserve.

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