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What Qualifies As A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen all the time, and in many situations, they really are unavoidable. While a lot of these accidents tend to be minor or harmless, quite a few can have very negative effects on your life, possibly even leading to physical disability or death. It is therefore important to know what exactly constitutes a personal injury lawsuit and the options by which you can pursue one. For South Carolina residents, getting in touch with a professional Greenville personal injury lawyer might be best. Having represented numerous personal injury cases over the years, the attorneys at Harris and Graves are more than qualified to handle yours. Start by using the following guide to learn more about personal injury law.

What is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury, as the name suggests, occurs when an individual is hurt as a result of an injury or accident caused by another individual. Usually taken through the civil court system, a personal injury lawsuit is the legal attempt to prove fault in the accident, which will probably lead to financial compensation depending on the type of injury sustained. For the most part, these awards are administered well before trial through settlement offers.

What are the Types of Personal Injury?

There are many different kinds of personal injuries that can affect the amount of damages you are likely to receive. The following four types of personal injury are perhaps the most common.


When someone acts negligently and causes personal injury to someone else, you can sue for damages. Examples include slip and falls, car accidents, malpractice suits, etc. These are perhaps the most common source of personal injury.


Personal injury goes beyond physical problems. If an individual’s defamatory statements harm another individual’s reputation, this can count as a personal injury.

Defective Products

When a product is defective and leads to personal injury, the company or distributor of that product can be held liable. These are otherwise most commonly known as product liability claims.

Intentional Acts

As opposed to accidents, when an individual’s intentional actions cause personal injury, you can sue. These acts tend to include violent crimes such as assault or battery, though the umbrella does include much more.

How to Move Forward with Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

For the most part, local state and county statutes set personal injury laws, though most of these have been put in place due to various court decisions. When determining whether or not you have a potential personal injury lawsuit on your hands, you therefore need to consult with a professional attorney. Otherwise you might end up pursuing an unwinnable case or not receiving the benefits you deserve.

For anyone living in the greater South Carolina area who is in need of a Greenville personal injury lawyer, feel free to get in touch with a representative at Harris and Graves. Our legal team has spent many years representing accident victims throughout the area, and we would love to help with your case.