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What Most People Don’t Understand About Whiplash

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Whiplash is the term used to describe a number of common neck injuries that people often receive due to a car crash or other traumatic accidents. This injury has a broad spectrum, ranging from mild, uncomfortable pain to a serious condition that requires lifelong treatment. Since neck and spine injuries resulting in whiplash can be so severe, those who are involved in car accidents, falls, sports accidents, work injuries or another serious impact should seek prompt medical care to rule out a chronic or serious condition.

Certain victims who have whiplash injuries due to an accident may be entitled to compensation from responsible parties in order to cover the costs of lost wages, medical bills and other financials burdens. Since there are so many misconceptions with whiplash, many accident victims question if their situation warrants a right to compensation. Harris and Graves, your Columbia car accident lawyer, wants you to know the facts. Here are some of those misconceptions about whiplash injuries and what you need to know.

Low and High Impact Car Accidents

Many people believe that only a serious impact will cause whiplash. The reality is that this is one of the most common injuries reported after a car accident, especially if the victim was rear ended. People can also have painful whiplash after a fall or impact that forcefully jared the neck or spine. This injury is also seen with victims of assault. A number of factors contribute to developing a whiplash injury. These include:

  • How the head is positioned when the impact happens.
  • The weight, height and physical health of the victim.
  • The use of seatbelts or other protective equipment.
  • The direction of which the impact came.

Whiplash is a Serious Injury

While people who experience whiplash can see their injury heal with little to no medical intervention, whiplash can still be very serious. When whiplash happens, the neck literally does as the name suggests—stretches forward and then backwards violently. This snapping action can lead to damage within the muscles, tissues and ligaments. People who were involved in automobile accidents and received a whiplash injury commonly have head and spine injuries as well.

Whiplash Injuries Deserve Compensation

A common stigma of automobile victims is that they fake a whiplash injury for extra compensation, and that is simply not true. Personal injury cases are nothing to take lightly, and at Harris and Graves we strive to get our clients the compensation that they deserve for their injuries. The courtroom needs more than a fake injury claim to get that compensation. Yet, this thought keeps many auto accident victims from seeking compensation out of fear that they will not be taken seriously. If you have been injured, do not let this misconception keep you from coming forward.

Contacting a Columbia Car Accident Lawyer

Whiplash is nothing to dismiss as minor, especially if you have suffered through a scary and painful accident that caused you a physical and financial burden. If you were involved in an auto accident and had an injury such as whiplash, contact the professionals at Harris and Graves, your local Columbia car accident lawyer, for compensation. Read more about our services for clients in Columbia, South Carolina.