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What Dangers Do Power Lines Pose After A Greenville Car Accident?

It’s obvious that the worst part of an accident is the initial impact. This is where the most damage occurs. This is where the greatest chance of an injury happens. As car accident lawyers in Greenville, it’s important to note, however, that the dangers of an accident aren’t over just because the wreck is. Let’s take a look at something that can be just as hazardous as the collision itself – downed power lines.

A South Carolina town was almost entirely brought to a standstill after power lines fell on SC 544. The lines caused at least four accidents and major traffic jams throughout the town. The lines were brought down when they were initially struck by an automobile.

Unfortunately roadside hazards like power lines and lampposts are commonly struck by out of control drivers. Power lines are especially dangerous, though, because of the threat of electrocution once they hit the ground.

So what should you do if you’re near downed power lines in your vehicle?

  • NEVER drive over power lines or under low hanging lines.
  • ALWAYS keep at least 100 feet away from any downed line as the ground could be electrified.
  • NEVER touch a tree, branch, car, or debris that is also touching a power line.

If you do encounter a downed line, you should definitely avoid it at all costs. Call for emergency services and wait for professionals to arrive. However, if a line falls on your car after an accident, STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE until emergency crews arrive. If you must exit (because the car is on fire), you should get free from the car without touching both the vehicle and ground at the same time.

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