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Top 4 Reasons Construction Workers Often Need Columbia Workers’ Comp attorneys

There are a lot of accidents which happen in different types of industries every day. But one of the most accident prone places to work is a construction site. Below are the four main reasons that construction workers need Columbia workers’ comp attorneys.


Nearly 40% of the accident deaths and injuries on a construction site happen because of a fall. Poor maintenance of floors and work platforms, improper scaffolding steel bars that are hanging overhead, and improper ladder use generally cause deadly and serious falls. It’s essential to have proper protective equipment and safety training like harnesses to reduce the number of falls.

Hit by an Object

More than 10% of the deaths and injuries on the construction sites happen because the person has been hit by something like masonry walls, falling tools, or moving vehicles. Injuries to the back, neck, and head, along with brain injuries are very common on construction sites because the person was hit by a something. These kinds of injuries often are temporarily or permanently disabling.


Injuries from electrocution happen when a worker bumps into the voltage wires and they’re responsible for nearly 9% of the serious construction industry accidents. Not having ground fault, improperly using electrical components and wires, and electric burns and shock can cause amputated limbs, disfigurement and scarring, and even death.

Wedged in Between Objects

The final possibly deadly accident which occurs to the workers at construction sites happens when they’re edged in between objects. Nearly 3% of the deaths and injuries on construction sites are attributed to this. The items are improperly maintained or poorly placed and the workers become edged. Unsafe egress/access and placement of spoil piles, along with protective and trench equipment that’s poorly maintained are what cause these kinds of construction accidents.

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