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Four Items You Should Always Have In Your Vehicle

First Aid Kit Stock Photo

People often prepare for vehicle emergencies before heading on a long trip or vacation, but they often put less effort into preparing for everyday driving mishaps. Yet, there are certain items you should not be without in your vehicle, no matter how far you are traveling.

Jumper Cables

One of the most annoying things that can happen as you are running errands is to come out of the grocery store with bags full of perishable food only to find your car will not start. If you have jumper cables in your vehicle, all you need is the help of a friend (or even a stranger) to get your vehicle started. Having jumper cables in your vehicle also allows you to help out someone else who otherwise would be stranded.

Spare Tire

Any number of things could happen to cause you to get a flat tire. Unintentionally driving over something sharp could create a hole in your tire. Hitting a pothole could puncture your tire. You could even have a small leak, which is slowly causing your tire to become flatter and flatter. Make sure you always have a spare tire. While a spare that is the exact size of your normal tires is best, a donut tire will at least get you to where you can have your regular tire repaired or replaced. Also, make sure you have a jack. Without it, you will not be able to change your tire.

Seat Belt Cutter/Life Hammer

If you get in an accident, you may need to get out of your vehicle in a hurry. This may require cutting your seat belt or the seat belt of others in your vehicle as well as breaking a window to get out of the vehicle. Seat belt cutters and life hammers often come together. Place the tool in an easily accessible location in your vehicle, somewhere where it will stay in place, even if your vehicle flips or goes off the road.

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit with bandages of assorted sizes, ointment, and medication is a start. Add other items specific to your family’s needs. This may include an Epinephrine injector or a glucose monitor.

While having a car emergency kit can be helpful in the case of a crisis, it will not always prevent the problem from happening. If you were injured in an automobile accident, our Columbia injury attorneys want to help. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.