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The True Cost Of An Accident

So much can be lost in a serious accident. There’s damage to property, injuries both minor and major, but there are also families who will be changed forever. These are the families that are left when their loved ones are killed in a wreck. These are families who will have to live with the memory of that loss for the rest of their lives. That’s the true cost of an accident.

It’s hard to fathom until you’re in the situation yourself. Unfortunately, that’s the situation a Spartanburg family has found themselves in. Last weekend, there was a terrible car accident on Interstate 26. In the morning hours, near mile marker 17, a multi-vehicle collision took place. One of those vehicles involved was a gasoline tanker, and it wasn’t long before an enormous fire raged out of control.

Firefighters from all over Upstate came to help put out the blaze, and through their heroic efforts they ultimately did. When the chaos settled, I-26 was shut down for over a day, asphalt would have to be resurfaced, and guardrails would be replaced. Of course, that’s not the true cost of the accident; the true cost were the three people that lost their lives.

As Greenville Personal Injury Lawyers, our hearts go out to those families who received the worse news of their lives. We’ve worked with countless families that have suffered the ultimate loss in an accident and it is never, ever easy. We can only hope that an investigation will shine a light on exactly what happened so those families can have some much deserved closure.

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No accidents are more senseless than those caused by carelessness. If that was the cause in this recent case, it’s yet to be determined, but there are many, many cases where it is. When negligence hurts you or your family, Harris & Graves are here. We’ll fight to get you fairly compensated. We’ll fight to get you justice. We’ll fight to help you put the pieces back together. Contact us for your free case evaluation.