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The Tragic Outcome When Those We Let Watch Our Children Fail To Keep A Close Eye

Leaving a child in the care of someone else can raise a lot of anxieties in a parent. They want to believe that the person they are trusting with their son or daughter is going to keep them healthy – is going to keep them safe. The idea that something could happen to their child while they’re not there to protect them is truly a nightmare scenario, and unfortunately, it’s a scenario that a Greenville family is living.

They had left their three-month-old daughter at a local day care and while at that daycare, the baby passed away. The family was devastated and left to wonder what had happened. Ultimately, it seemed the finger could be pointed at the day care’s operator.

The owner was operating the day care facility illegally without the proper license. She had far more children at the facility than she was licensed to keep. Not being equipped to watch that many children likely led to her neglecting several. That certainly seems to be the case with the three-month-old infant that accidentally suffocated in its crib.

The day care owner pleaded guilty to several charges last week including unlawful neglect of a child and obstructing justice. The question many are asking, however, is if her punishment was enough. She’ll only be serving 18 months of home arrest and 5 years of probation.

As personal injury lawyers in Greenville, we know that the truly important thing is if the infant’s family feels like they received justice, and it appears they do. The mother said, “It was more important to make sure that [the owner] admitted what she did and she was found guilty on all charges and she was held accountable so that other children won’t be put in the position that she put [their child] and the other children in.”

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