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The South Carolina Moped Bill

Moped Parked In An Alley Stock Photo

On January 14, a moped bill was passed by the South Carolina House of Representatives. The bill, which has not been approved by the Senate, would put certain restrictions on moped riders. If made a law, here are some restrictions and regulations the bill would put on those who ride mopeds:

  • The bill would require moped riders to carry liability insurance. Currently, if an uninsured moped driver hits and damages a vehicle, the vehicle owner either has to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket or the owner’s insurance has to cover the repairs.
  • The bill would also only allow moped riders to travel on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or lower. Since mopeds cannot travel as fast as cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, they sometimes hold up traffic on roads with higher speed limits.
  • Another thing the bill would do would be to prevent those who have lost their driver’s license because of a DUI from using their moped. Operating a moped does not require a driver’s license. Instead, teens 14 years old or older can get a moped-specific license. Because mopeds are not considered motor vehicles in the same way as cars, trucks, motorcycles, or other vehicles, drivers cannot be charged with a DUI. Currently, getting a DUI and losing your license does not prevent you from continuing to use your moped on public roadways.
  • The law proposed by the bill would also require moped drivers to wear reflective vests at all times, making them easier for other drivers to see.
  • The bill would also require mopeds to be properly registered. According to Bill sponsor, Rep. Bill Crosby, this is to help recover lost or stolen mopeds.

Whether this bill passes or not, if you are moped owner, following some of the regulations might be beneficial to your safety. You may want to at least consider wearing a reflective vest and only traveling on roads where your moped’s speed will not hold up traffic. If you are injured on a South Carolina roadway by an inattentive or dangerous driver, our Columbia personal injury attorneys can help. Contact us for a free case review.