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The Dangers Of Being On Foot In A South Carolina Truck Stop

Thousands of big trucks pass through our state each and every day. These trucks play a vital part in making sure that the goods we want are always in stock at our favorite stores. We need those tractor trailers, and those rigs and their drivers need a place where they can refuel and relax.

That’s why our state is peppered with truck stops. Of course, as truck accident lawyers in Greenville, we know that when you have that many large vehicles in one spot, there can be certain dangers, and that’s especially true if you’re a pedestrian. It’s hard enough for drivers in a massive 18-wheeler to see you if you’re in a car, think about how hard it is for them to see you if you’re on foot.

In fact, just last week a man lost his life while walking through an Anderson County truck stop. A truck driver had walked inside the store to pick up some personal items. While returning to his rig, he was struck by another tractor trailer.

The driver didn’t even know he’d hit someone. That’s how easily a pedestrian accident can occur when you add in a large vehicle that has many, many blind spots. The trucker that was hit was pronounced dead at the scene by blunt force trauma.

With so many big trucks swirling around these truck stops, it’s not surprising that they may be more concerned with running into one another than pedestrians. You should do what you can to avoid walking through a truck stop, but if you do end up on foot at one of these places, watch out for yourself. You unfortunately never know who isn’t watching out for you.

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