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Tanker Truck Causes 10-Vehicle Pile-Up, Sets Interstate Ablaze

The thick black clouds of smoke could be seen for miles, the plumes rising from the scene of a massive crash on Interstate 26. Ten vehicles were seriously damaged. It was mass chaos, a scene that could shock even seasoned truck accident lawyers in Greenville, and it was all started by one tanker truck.

The tanker truck was barreling down I-26 when it overturned. The wreck started a massive chain reaction that would ultimately involve ten other vehicles. Beyond the damage of ten vehicles colliding with one another, a more dangerous situation was on that way as 8,500 gallons of fuel poured from the tanker truck onto the road.

Soon the fuel ignited and an enormous fire was burning out of control. The Columbia Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene, fighting the flames that engulfed nearly all lanes of traffic. Commuters were directed to side streets which quickly became congested. It was a mess from top to bottom.

Good news did come from the scene, however. While several people were taken to local hospitals, none sustained life-threatening injuries. The majority of the damage was to the interstate where 177 square yards of asphalt was melted due to the intense heat.

Anyone in Columbia knows that this accident has made traveling difficult as that section of the interstate has remained closed for repairs for quite some time. We can all be thankful that it was only asphalt that was damaged, though. Given the scope of the destruction, the fact that no one was seriously hurt was miraculous.

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