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Driving Tips For Senior Drivers In Columbia, South Carolina

While the aging process can make driving more challenging for seniors, it doesn’t mean they have to stop driving. Senior citizens can drive safely by making adjustments. These include using the right driving strategies, technology, and staying on top of their health. With the following tips, seniors can drive longer and keep their independence: Choose…

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Bicycle Safety Tips All Riders Need To Follow

Recently, a bicyclist was hit and killed in Cayce. The bicyclist was traveling along a road that does not have a bike lane but that bicyclists commonly use. While bicycling can be a healthy and enjoyable way to get to and from places, it is important for bicyclists to use proper precaution, especially when traveling…


The True Cost Of An Accident

So much can be lost in a serious accident. There’s damage to property, injuries both minor and major, but there are also families who will be changed forever. These are the families that are left when their loved ones are killed in a wreck. These are families who will have to live with the memory…