Man Receiving A CAT Scan After A Severe Head Injury Stock Photo

How To Prevent Traumatic Head Injuries

The safest way to avoid a traumatic head injury is to understand how to prevent or reduce your risk of getting one. Learn how to prevent traumatic head injuries, and contact a personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured and need legal representation. Safety Basics Following proper safety guidelines is the easiest way to prevent…

Man Riding A Motorcycle On The Highway Stock Photo

What You Can Do To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a wonderful experience. There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom you have with the wind in your face on the open highway. For most motorcyclists, safety is of paramount importance—after all, riding a motorcycle in many ways is much more dangerous than driving a car. However, the incidents of accidents and…


Wrongful Death Attorneys Discuss West Columbia Motorcycle Crash

A motorcyclist faces DUI charges after a fatal motorcycle accident in the West Columbia area on Saturday, August 8. The South Carolina Highway Patrol says that the incident occurred at approximately 3:30 a.m. in the 100 block of Saint David’s Church Road. Motorcycle Crashes Into Fence Troopers say that a motorcyclist lost control of his…


Columbia Injury Lawyers Discuss The Lifetime Cost Of Amputation

Amputation of an arm, hand, fingers, legs, toes, or feet is more common than you might think. For every 200 people living in the United States, one has had some type of amputation. The majority of these amputations are as the result of a traumatic accident. The most common types include car and motorcycle accidents,…