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How To Find The Right Nursing Home In Columbia, South Carolina

Putting a family member into nursing home care is a stressful process. Nobody wants to admit that their elderly loved ones can no longer live independently, nor do they want to admit that they are incapable of providing the needed care. When you do make this decision, you want to be sure that the facility…


Columbia Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Orangeburg County Collision

State troopers provided the details of a two-vehicle crash at an intersection in Orangeburg County that occurred at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 29. The accident occurred where SC-70 meets Shillings Bridge Road, according to a report by┬áNews2. Collision at Intersection The authorities state that a 1988 Chevrolet pickup was southbound on Shillings Bridge…


Columbia Car Accident Lawyers Discuss DUIs In Our State

There is an unfortunate trend happening in our state when it comes to DUI-related traffic deaths. Recently released data shows South Carolina now leads the nation in the percentage of vehicular crash deaths caused by drunk drivers. The most recent data comes from 2013, and although there were 13 fewer DUI-related deaths in 2013 than…