Insurance Agent Examining Car After Accident

5 Easy Tips For Negotiating With An Insurance Company

Getting hurt in a car accident is often a traumatic experience for many drivers. At the very least, it means physical pain and mental anguish, but a nasty car wreck can sometimes keep you out of work for months and lead to some high medical bills. What really makes these situations so stressful, however, is…

How Loose Objects in a Car Become Deadly Missiles

How Loose Objects In A Car Become Deadly Missiles

Responsible motorists use their seat belts because they understand the kind of harm that flying into a dashboard at 60 mph can do. Parents also protect their infants from the same danger by using child safety seats. At the same time however, they use the passenger areas of their cars for carrying their computers, smart…


Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers | How To Drive Safely In Winter Weather

Just as northern states, South Carolina can also experience inclement winter weather. Because many people in South Carolina aren’t as used to driving in ice and snow as northerners are, driving in winter weather can be even riskier in the South. Of course, the best choice is to stay home when there‚Äôs ice and snow…