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Man Drinking A Fifth Of Alcohol While Driving Stock Photo

How To Drive Defensively Against Drunk Drivers

Although the safety of cars have improved over time, the same can’t be said of their drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol still kills thousands of people every year on our nation’s highways in spite of public awareness campaigns and law enforcement efforts. The first line of defense against becoming a victim of drunk … Continued

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Elderly Couple Traveling Together Stock Photo

Driving Tips For Senior Drivers In Columbia, South Carolina

While the aging process can make driving more challenging for seniors, it doesn’t mean they have to stop driving. Senior citizens can drive safely by making adjustments. These include using the right driving strategies, technology, and staying on top of their health. With the following tips, seniors can drive longer and keep their independence: Choose … Continued

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Rollover Car Accident Stock Photo

Understanding Rollover Accident Injuries

Rollovers are among the deadliest of motor vehicle accidents. The reason is that many of the car’s safety features do little to protect the occupants from rollover injuries. Car bumpers and crumple zones for example, are effective at protecting against front and rear collisions. However, the rollover accident stresses the sides and roof of the … Continued

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Young Man Driving His Vehicle Stock Photo

The Dangers Of Driving On Autopilot

One of the first lessons students in driving school are taught is to pay attention to the road. This important lesson seems to have been forgotten by many drivers with years of experience. Complacency builds up when driving becomes second nature and their commuting routes and home neighborhoods become familiar. Because of this, they hand over their driving … Continued

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Tow Truck Towing Away A Damaged Vehicle Stock Photo

Tips For Drivers Involved In Multi-Car Crashes

If you’re traveling down one of Columbia’s Interstates and you’re hit from behind in a multi-car crash, it’s important to know what steps to take. By following these tips, you and your passengers will know what to do in the minutes following an accident involving several vehicles. Check the passengers in your car to find out if they have any … Continued

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Man Screaming While Driving Stock Photo

Columbia Car Accident Attorneys Encourage You To Not Allow Emotions To Impair Your Driving

While many people understand how things like alcohol and talking on their cell phones can negatively impact their driving, some people do not realize how much emotional driving  can also cause driving problems. Emotional driving involves driving while feeling intense emotions, both negative and positive. Driving while feeling these intense emotions cannot always be avoided, … Continued

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Columbia Car Accident Attorneys Encourage Distraction-Free Driving

In our fast-paced world, people often attempt to multitask. While multitasking works great at times, multitasking while driving leads to distracted driving. Unfortunately, distracted driving can lead to car wrecks, some of which result in fatalities. While not all driving distraction can be completely eliminated, there are several things you can do to avoid becoming … Continued

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Head-on Collision And Possible Distracted Driving

A head-on collision in Anderson County that happened at about 11 a.m. on Tuesday, August 4, resulted in multiple injuries and loss of life. The accident occurred about five miles west of Williamston. Car Crosses Center Line A spokesperson for the South Carolina Highway Patrol said a 17-year-old motorist in a 2010 Honda Accord was … Continued

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Columbia Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Crash On Interstate

On June 24, there was a crash involving a mother and her adult daughter from Columbia. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the accident occurred on Interstate 26 in Lawrence County just before 10 o’clock in the morning. Motorist Loses Control A 62-year-old female motorist was westbound on I-26 near exit 60 in the … Continued

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