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South Carolina Workers’ Compensation: Is Your Injury Covered?

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Workers’ compensation is an important part of your health and safety in the workplace. It is a form of insurance that employers are required to carry which protects employees who become injured in the course of employment. Too many workers, however, fail to file claims because they’re not sure that the injury or illness they suffered qualifies them for reimbursement. Learn which injuries are covered under worker’s compensation law, how you can get coverage and the importance of a workers’ compensation attorney.

Work-Related Injuries

Workers’ compensation, more colloquially called “workman’s comp,” exists to protect you any time you are injured or become ill as a direct result of your job duties. This means that just about any injury or illness you suffer that happens in connection with your job will allow you to collect benefits. While each state’s specific laws vary somewhat, this is universal. Some examples of work-related injuries that fall under this law include:

  • Heavy lifting injuries
  • Injuries from machinery usage
  • Technicians driving to a client’s home
  • Workers who become seriously ill due to office environmental factors (construction dust, for example).

Injuries That Aren’t Covered

Not every injury that happens around your co-workers is covered. Purely social events that do not involve a direct relation to your job duties are generally not covered. If you go out for happy hour drinks with your co-workers after hours and get hurt, you’re probably not eligible for compensation, even if you were informally talking about work.

If, however, you are at a formal business meeting outside the office, or even at a company-sponsored event like an inter-office softball game, you might be eligible. In the end, if the injury occurred while you are working or in the course of official corporate activities, you can file for workers’ compensation.

Collecting Workers’ Comp

When you suffer an injury you think is covered, you really have nothing to lose by filing a claim. Inform your employer of the incident as soon as humanly possible and definitely within four days, and they will give you a list of physicians approved by the insurance company who can evaluate and treat your injuries. They will also take a First Report of Injury which they will submit to the insurance carrier, with their agreement or challenge to your account. The insurance company will then determine if this initial report will be covered.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If your claim gets denied in part or in total, don’t panic. You can challenge the denial and appeal the claim, but you will want to have someone in your corner with experience fighting this sort of battle. A South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney can be your best friend and ally. If you are facing this possibility, or even just starting your claim process, read about how we can help, and give us a call to discuss your case today!