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Snowboarding Accidents: What You Need To Know

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If you’re like many people across the country, you can’t wait for the temperatures to dip and the snow to start falling so that you can enjoy some time on the slopes. Snowboarding and skiing are two of the most popular wintertime activities, providing big fun and long lasting memories. However, they can also be extremely risky, possibly resulting in serious injuries that alter your quality of life.

Although you might not realize it, some snowboarding and skiing accidents may be eligible for a personal injury suit, which means you need to decide whether your injury qualifies. Learn more about why you should consider partnering with a personal injury attorney after you’ve suffered a snowboarding or skiing accident.

Injuries and Causes

As with most accidents, injuries stemming from snowboarding and skiing can range from very minor to extremely serious. You could suffer nothing more than some scrapes or bruises, or you might experience lacerations, broken bones, brain injury or even death. Because skiing and snowboarding injuries vary so widely, it’s important to look at some of their causes.

Primarily, skiing and snowboarding injuries are caused by collisions, whether with another person or with an object like a tree. However, you could also be injured in a fall, by a ski lift or due to malfunctioning equipment. The extent and cause of your injury will be one of the biggest indicators of whether you should file a lawsuit.

Do You Have the Basis for a Lawsuit?

If you’re trying to decide if your skiing or snowboarding accident is eligible for a personal injury suit, you first need to look for the presence of negligence. There are several ways that negligence could have caused your injury, all of which may entitle you to compensation.

For example, your ski instructor may have not adequately prepared you for the slope you were on. Or, you could have been struck by another skier who was skiing recklessly. If you can prove you were injured due to another’s negligence, you will have a good shot at winning your case.

Another common basis for snowboarding or skiing personal injury suits is defective equipment. By showing that your skis, snowboard or other equipment were improperly manufactured or designed, and that this led to your injury, you will be well on your way towards winning your suit and your compensation.

Engaging in Risky Behavior

Before filing your suit, you should prepare for a possible defense known as “assumption of risk”. Skiing and snowboarding are well-known as activities that can result in a serious injury, and that anyone engaging in these activities does so with this knowledge. If the defense tries the assumption of risk defense, you will need to be able to show that the conditions that led to your injury were not reasonably expectable and that they were not a normal part of this activity.

Requesting Damages

A big question that many people have during the course of their personal injury lawsuit are what kind of damages are available. Generally, the compensation that you will receive upon winning your personal injury suit will depend on the extent of your injuries. If your injuries are severe and projected to be long lasting, then you will probably receive damages meant to pay for your recovery, make up for lost wages and work to ease your pain and suffering.

If you have questions about damages, make sure to consult with a personal injury attorney.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

Moving forward from your skiing and snowboarding accident is easier when you get the compensation you deserve. Plan your suit with the guidance of a personal injury attorney from Harris & Graves. We have the knowledge needed to effectively try your personal injury suit. Speak with one of our representatives today to discuss your case.