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Six Common Reasons People Speed While Driving

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Nearly every driver is aware that speeding is dangerous. They are taught this fact in their driver’s education course before getting their license and have doubtless heard plenty of public safety messages stating this. Yet, they continue to speed and contribute to the yearly carnage of speeding related fatalities. Why do they do this? As it turns out, there is no one single reason. Here are six common reasons for speeding:

  • Familiarity. When a person drives the same route to and from work for years, he knows every curve and intersection like the back of his hand. This ability to anticipate his commute route combined with a muscle memory of the maneuvers he always makes, causes him to drive faster. Familiarity also breeds confidence which drives away any concerns about safety. However, familiarity is also a reason why most accidents happen near one’s home.
  • Not enough time. When people fail to allow enough time to safely get to their destination, they make up for this by driving faster. It also causes them to drive more aggressively to get around slower drivers or through red lights.
  • Thrill seeking. These are mostly young male drivers in their twenties and possibly early thirties. Sometimes alcohol is consumed to enhance the thrill. They are the motorists that pass you as though you were standing still even though you are driving 65 mph on the interstate. Social acceptance and belonging are central to the identity and self-image of young people. Owning and driving fast cars is a way of belonging to the “in-crowd.”
  • Road rage. “Road ragers” are motorists who use their car to express their anger and frustration with other drivers. Their interactions with other aggressive drivers can lead to high-speed chases.
  • Pure habit. Some motorists have no reason at all for speeding but simply do it out of habit. When getting on an interstate, they reflexively head to the leftmost lane and tailgate any car in front without barely giving it a thought.
  • Over confidence. All age groups can fall into this category. Even middle-aged veterans of the road will often speed because they feel their years of driving experience means they can safely handle it.

Speeders not only endanger themselves but also other motorists on the road. Never hesitate to seek legal advice from experienced Columbia car accident lawyers if you were injured because of an accident with a speeder or aggressive driver. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.