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Repeat Offenders: Convicted DUI Drivers Causing Deadly Accidents In The State

Many auto accidents in South Carolina have a reasonable explanation – a slick road, a malfunctioning stop light, a simple distraction, any number of things. But there are some auto accidents that are unthinkably terrible, even to seasoned auto accident lawyers in Greenville.

An accident that occurred recently in Spartanburg County falls firmly into that category. It begs the questions: What makes a person fill their body with drugs and alcohol and get behind the wheel? The outcome is almost always the same and four people in our state are dead because of it.

Last month, a man was driving the wrong way down Interstate 85 when he was spotted by state troopers. Unfortunately, the troopers were unable to stop him before the worst happened. He slammed his pickup truck head-on into another vehicle, losing his own life and taking the lives of three others.

The accident was a true tragedy, but it was up to an investigation to determine exactly what happened. Now it seems the case is much clearer. The wrong-way driver’s blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit and his blood was also laced with the strong opioid pain medication hydrocodone.

The man who got behind the wheel and took so many lives had a long history of drunkenness and drug offenses, which leaves many to be outraged that he was allowed to drive in the first place. The man had already been arrested twice for DUI as well as a laundry list of other traffic offenses. Did our justice system fail to keep a dangerous individual off the road?

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