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Prescription Drug Abuse: The Cause Of Many Greenville Car Accidents

Intoxicated driving takes far too many lives here in South Carolina. But it’s not just alcohol or illegal drugs that can make a driver a danger behind the wheel; prescription drugs can be just as dangerous. Motorists should be aware that even using these drugs as directed could lead to a devastating accident, and when these drugs are abused, the chance of a deadly car accident is just that much greater.

Last December, a woman was out Christmas shopping for her grandkids when she was involved in a terrible auto accident that took her life. The man that crashed into her was under the influence of the powerful prescription painkillers, clonazepam and hydrocodone. He didn’t have a prescription for either, but even with a prescription, driving while using these drugs could have led to disaster.

For his involvement in the wreck, the man was sentenced to 10 years in prison on reckless homicide charges. It’s a long sentence but nothing compared to what the surviving family of the victim will have to live with. According to one family member, “I live in the same neighborhood as she did and it’s still so hard to pass her house each day, and even harder to go into the house and know that she will never be back there.”

In this case the abuse of prescription drugs took a life, and as car accident lawyers in Greenville, we know this is unfortunately far too common. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how a particular drug will affect an individual, but know that if a driver is found to be using prescriptions drugs at the time of an accident, they could be held accountable.

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