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Some dog breeds are more likely to bite or attack than others. But even the most docile dogs can become violent. When a dog attacks and bites, a South Carolina dog bite injury lawyer can help you recover financial compensation for your injuries.

Dog Bite Statistics

Attacks from dogs are not uncommon in the United States, and the injuries sustained from a dog attack can be substantial. Consider these facts:
More than half of the victims of fatal dog attacks are children.
More than half of all fatal dog attacks were by pit bulls.
More than two thirds of all fatal dog attacks took place in the dog’s yard.
Approximately 4.5 million people a year suffer from injuries sustained by a dog bite or attack.
One in five victims of dog bites require medical attention.
Tens of thousands of people undergo reconstructive surgery from injuries due to dog attacks each year.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog attacks can leave scars that may require plastic surgery and can lead to debilitating emotional and social problems.

  • Cuts and Bruises
  • Punctures
  • Soft Tissue
  • Broken Bones
  • Scars
  • Infections (Rabies)

It is not uncommon for victims of dog attacks to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Children are at particular risk of suffering emotional injuries following a dog bite. Even if they are just witnesses to the attack, they can become withdrawn, fearful, and depressed as a result of emotional trauma. Therapy, although costly, can help these victims recover from the trauma of a dog attack.

Contact a South Carolina Dog Bite Lawyer

If you or your child have been injured in a dog attack, you need to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer. They will assist you by gathering all medical records, photographic evidence, victim and eyewitness statements, and evidence relevant to your claim.

Insurance companies pay out only a small percentage to victims of dog bites. An experienced attorney with knowledge of South Carolina liability and insurance laws will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive a proper settlement.

A personal injury lawyer will seek financial compensation and damages for:

  • Medical Bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Reconstructive or Plastic Surgery
  • Therapy
  • Diminished or Lost Wages
  • Permanent Disability

According to South Carolina state law, in most cases, dog owners are held strictly liable for dog bites. In some instances the property owner can be held liable. A personal injury lawyer with experience in dog bite or attack claims will investigate your case thoroughly to determine all the parties at fault and make sure they are held accountable.

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Animal Control Resources

Resources for citizens of Columbia, Greenville, Sumter, Anderson, Myrtle Beach, Orangeburg, and surrounding South Carolina areas:

If you encounter a dangerous dog in  Columbia, Greenville, Sumter, Anderson, Myrtle Beach, Orangeburg, or surrounding South Carolina areas, contact a local animal control or animal shelter center.
Greenville County Government Animal Control
Greenville Police Department Animal Control
The City of Columbia, Richland County Animal Shelter