South Carolina Prescription Drug Injury Lawyers

Prescription medication is an important part of daily life for thousands of people in South Carolina. More often than not, these drugs are designed and used to maintain health and even sustain life. Sometimes, these drugs are rushed to market before they are fully deemed safe. If you have experienced health complications due to a dangerous or defective medication, a drug injury lawyer can help you file a claim against the drug manufacturer.

Pharmaceutical companies across the United States companies spend billions on marketing, advertising, and sales. These companies  sometimes push drugs and medications on doctors in exchange for lavish perks. Many of the drugs they peddle, however, have been found to be dangerous, and even life-threatening. Dangerous or defective drugs are rampant on the market.

Large pharmaceutical companies have placed increasing pressure on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to grant approvals faster and to lessen the restrictions surrounding test procedures. In doing so, they hope to turn a profit quickly by releasing risky drugs before adequate testing has been completed. Though these companies must move through official channels and adhere to federal regulations, the FDA will still approve a drug as long as dangerous side effects are relatively rare.

Risky prescription drugs can cause serious injury and even death. For the individual injured by a dangerous drug or the loved ones of someone killed by a risky prescription medication, the answers to frustrating questions are difficult to reach.

How could a company bring a drug to market which has unintended side effects that could injure or kill?

How could a physician, whose job it is to heal, unintentionally harm his or her patient by prescribing a dangerous drug?


Contact a South Carolina Drug Injury Lawyer

An individual injured or the family of someone killed by a dangerous prescription drug in South Carolina often find pursuing civil action a step in continuing their lives after the devastating impact of a defective medication. Contact a drug injury lawyer to be a partner in your litigation.

The South Carolina lawyers at Harris & Graves can help you seek damages against manufacturers of an dangerous prescription drug, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and physical impairment;
  • Medical expenses associated with the dangerous product; and
  • Loss of income and/or earning capacity.
In the tragic case of a death, surviving loved ones may bring a wrongful death action against the drug manufacturer.

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