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Police Chases Almost Always End In Serious Accidents For The Runaway Drivers

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We’d like to think most people in the state go out of their way to avoid accidents. No one wants the headaches and potential injuries that follow. Take it from Greenville accident lawyers, if you want to know one of the simplest and most obvious ways to avoid a serious accident, it’s this… Don’t run from the police.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but there have actually been a couple of chase-related accidents just within the past week here in South Carolina. Days ago, Anderson County police spotted a teenage driver in what they believed to be a stolen car. When they tried to pull the young man over, he hit the gas instead.

The teen driver had no intention of being stopped, and he was even willing to hurt others to keep himself from being arrested. He tried to run a deputy’s patrol car off the road, but thankfully wasn’t successful. His run wouldn’t last much longer as he soon lost control and slammed into the front steps of a nearby home. The young man’s escape was cut short, but he was lucky to still be alive.

Unfortunately, these stories sometimes have more tragic outcomes. Only a few days before the previously mentioned chase, another took place here in Greenville. A trooper once again believed they had spotted a stolen vehicle and tried to pull the suspect over. And once again the suspect decided to hit the gas.

After a brief chase on Highway 25, the trooper decided it was too dangerous and stopped the pursuit. The suspect didn’t slow down, however, and continued to speed away. His getaway would be cut short when he collided with another vehicle. The young man who fled police wouldn’t be taken into custody because he tragically lost his life at the scene. He also nearly took the life of the other driver as well.