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Large Scale Truck Accident Takes Several Lives In Spartanburg County

18-wheeler Truck Driving On The Highway

It’s one of those accidents that are hard to wrap your mind around. A fiery accident right here in our home state that took the lives of six people all in one terrible night. As truck accident lawyers in Greenville, you’re always aware of the destruction a big truck can cause, but it doesn’t make these tragedies any easier to accept.

According to one witness:

“You just see twisted metal. You see the front of a car that looks like it was totally separated from the other part of the car. I didn’t even see the cab of the 18-wheeler. I just saw the box of the 18- wheeler. I don’t even have a clue where the cab of the 18-wheeler went.” 

The witness’s words can barely even describe the chaos. Two cars collided on Interstate 26 last week. As other motorists stopped to help, a tractor trailer smashed into the group of vehicles and turned a bad situation worse. The big truck caught fire and soon all the automobiles were in flames.

Six people are reported to have lost their lives and the Spartanburg County coroner is tasked with helping identify those involved. It, of course, is a daunting task because of “the sheer force and fire complications in this incident.” According to him, “DNA appears to be the only mode of identification, which will take some time. Please be patient with us while we endeavor to complete the needed testing.”

It’s an unthinkable tragedy, and we certainly hope that the families of those who lost their lives will get the closure they need by getting the answers they deserve.

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