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Intentional Accidents Hurt Both Victims And Offenders | Greenville Injury Attorneys

There is that old phrase “accidents happen.” The idea here is that accidents are unexpected; they are unpredictable. In a way, there is no way to prepare for them – they simply “happen.” But what about accidents that aren’t actually accidental? What about accidents that are intentional? As injury lawyers in Greenville we know that these are the most disturbing.

A man in Spartanburg tried to cause an accident outside a bar last weekend, but he wasn’t just looking for a collision, police believe he was looking to take lives. According to an off-duty deputy who saw the event, bouncers kicked a young man out of a local bar on suspicion that he was giving an underage girl alcohol.

The man didn’t take it lightly and threatened to kill several of the people in the parking lot. He then tried to make good on his threats by jumping in his car and driving toward a crowd of employees. The crowd barely dove out of the way of the speeding car, and the man stopped just short of smashing into the side of the building.

It wasn’t the man’s first run-in with trouble involving his automobile. Less than a year ago he was arrested for aggravated assault and battery when he punched a woman and dragged her out of his car. His stunt at the Spartanburg bar is getting him into a lot of trouble – as it should. This time around he’s being charged with two counts of attempted murder. The man’s freedom is in jeopardy because he tried to cause an accident out of anger. It shows that everyone suffers when an intentional accident occurs.

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