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Important Information And Documents You Need For Your Consultation

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Meeting with a personal injury lawyer after you’ve been injured in a car accident can have you a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. In order to ensure your meeting goes well, you don’t want to show-up to your meeting empty-handed. Give your potential lawyer as much information as possible in order for him to make an accurate evaluation of your case.

Medical Records

If your injuries are pretty substantive, you’ve most-likely sought assistance with a medical doctor or at least an emergency care unit. You need to sign a release to obtain these medical records, but collect the records that contain an outline of your care, the cost of care and the contact information of the medical staff who treated you.

Other important information to have include receipts if you’re claiming expenses related to your injuries, any correspondence with the other party, and pay stubs to help calculate your potential damages.

Police Report

A detailed police report is helpful so your Columbia car accident lawyers can have the most information possible regarding how the accident happened, the road conditions and other factors at the time of the accident, and any witnesses to the accident. If you did not receive a police report, call the law enforcement agency who responded at the scene and request one.

Insurance Policy Information

Your car accident lawyer can help you determine what is covered by your insurance policy and what is not. Bring a copy of your policy with you, and make sure you bring the insurance information provided to you by other drivers involved in the car accident.

Once you have as much information as possible regarding your accident and your injuries, contact us for a consultation so we can discuss your situation and potential outcome.