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If You Are Injured In An Accident, Always Seek Medical Attention

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Not all car accident injuries are obvious at first. Even if you feel OK and your car’s damage is not extensive, you should always get a medical evaluation to rule out injuries with delayed symptoms. Some serious injury types can take time to develop, and quick medical attention reduces the risk of complications and speeds up recovery. Here are four car accident injuries that can exhibit delayed symptoms:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is caused by a direct blow to the head or by a jolt to the body that causes a rapid acceleration of the head. Sometimes the injury is mild, but injuries to the brain such as bruising, bleeding, and other damage are serious and potentially life threatening. A ruptured artery between the skull and the brain will pool blood in the area until it penetrates the brain. Called an epidural hemorrhage, victims can feel fine and are quite lucid after the accident but can die within hours or days. It is sometimes called the “talk and die” syndrome.


Whiplash is caused by a rapid snapping motion of the neck and is a very common injury especially in rear-end collisions. It can affect nerves, ligaments, and sometimes the spinal cord. Symptoms of whiplash normally occur within 24 hours of the accident but may take longer. Stiffness, reduced range of motion, and pain progressively get worse.

Back Injury

The back is a complex body structure that is vulnerable to injury. Injury can involve the muscles, ligaments, nerves, vertebrae, and possibly the spinal cord. Like whiplash, back injuries commonly occur in rear-end collisions.

Internal Bleeding

The delay of internal bleeding symptoms depend on the injury location and rate of bleeding. The symptoms vary depending on the affected organs. Sometimes the victim may feel a lot of initial pain that eventually goes away. However, this does not mean the injury has resolved itself.

How you feel in the aftermath of a car accident is not a reliable indicator of your health. Get a medical examination and if it is found that you were injured, Columbia personal injury lawyers can advise you on your right to compensation from the at-fault driver. For a free consultation, contact us at Harris & Graves, P. A.