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I Was Injured By A Defective Product: What Do I Do?

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Technology is advancing at such a rate we can barely keep up with it. In the past couple of years alone, we’ve seen a number of product defects and recalls in the news that have resulted in property damage, injuries and even deaths.

From automobile recalls to e-cigarettes and cellular phone battery explosions, defective products are becoming a major problem. Learn about product liability claims, how they work, how to pursue compensation under these statutes, and why you need a Columbia personal injury lawyer.

Types of Product Liability

There are several means by which a product can be defective, leading to a product liability claim for damages. The specific type of damages you suffer determine the strategies you’ll need to pursue to get compensated for your injury. These three types of cases include:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Defective design
  • Inadequate instruction and warning

Defective Manufacture

When a product suffers from defective manufacture, that means that something went wrong during building or putting the product together. It’s rare for an entire line of products to suffer from defective manufacture, though there could be defective batches.

Consider, for example, a child who gets a new bicycle for Christmas. As they’re riding the bike, a bad bolt on the front wheel cracks and breaks off, resulting in a bad fall and injury. In this case, the entire line of bikes didn’t suffer from bad bolts, just the one — this is a case of defective manufacture.

Defective Design

In defective design cases, there’s something wrong in the product line’s basic design that makes it dangerous across the board. If a whole line of vehicles are found to have a tendency towards the fuel lines rupturing, or a line of electronics have batteries that are prone to overheating and exploding, this is a case of defective design.

Inadequate Warning and Instruction

When a product has specific requirements for use, and there aren’t clear instructions or warnings regarding those requirements or dangers, a product liability claim can result. For example, copper and cast-iron cookware are very popular these days. If one of these cookware sets has a handle that’s not insulated and conducts heat, there should be warnings regarding this danger. If such warnings aren’t included, it places users in danger of serious burns.

Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer

When the time comes to pursue a product liability claim, it’s essential to have a Columbia personal injury lawyer in your corner. Each individual type of liability case has a specific strategy that needs to be followed in order to prove negligence and collect compensation.

Those injured by defective products can be eligible for significant compensation, but without a knowledgeable attorney helping, you could find yourself at the mercy of any number of non-payment tactics by insurance adjusters and corporations.

If you live in South Carolina and have suffered an injury due to a product defect, Harris and Graves are here to help. Our firm has years of experience in these kinds of cases, and we know exactly how to get you the justice and damages you deserve. Read more about our firm, and get in touch with us to discuss the details of your case, and your potential for compensation today.