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Steps You Should Take After a Motorcycle Accident Caused by Defective Parts

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A motorcycle accident is one of the most serious accidents that a person can experience. Frequently, a motorcycle accident results in major injuries that can leave you with large medical bills and an inability to support yourself and your family. Although there are several potential causes of a motorcycle accident, one of the most severe is a motorcycle produced with a defect.

Motorcycle defects can cause major injuries and may make you eligible to file a product liability case against the manufacturer. Learn more about accidents caused by a motorcycle defect, and discover when it’s time for you to consult a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer.

Forms of Product Liability

If you’re considering a product liability lawsuit after you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, a good first step is to learn about the different types of product liability claims that you could file.

The most common product liability claims after motorcycle accidents involve motorcycles that were produced with a defective part or were manufactured improperly. These claims almost always result from a problem at the manufacturing facility, usually stemming from human error.

The other type of claim that you could file would be based on motorcycles whose very design is likely to cause injury. These motorcycles have been manufactured correctly, but there is something in their design that makes them more dangerous than regular motorcycles. Proving that a motorcycle’s design is inherently dangerous can be very difficult and may require hiring an expert witness.

Building Your Case

If you’re planning on filing a product liability claim, it’s important that you build your case as effectively as possible, which is a process that should begin immediately after your accident has occurred. First, you need to record the facts of your accident as soon as possible. This can include when, where, and how the accident happened, as well as names and contact information for eyewitnesses.

You will also need to thoroughly document your injuries and what type of treatment you’ve received. Information like this will be useful when it comes time to calculate your damages. When possible, you should return to the scene of your accident and collect photographic evidence. Take a picture of anything that might be relevant to your case and will work in your favor.

Most importantly, you should record every conversation you have about your case. This includes conversations with eyewitnesses, the police officer that responded to your accident and your insurance company representative. You can never have enough evidence when it comes to a product liability claim, so gather anything you and your motorcycle accident lawyer deem useful.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Filing a product liability claim after you’ve been injured by a motorcycle with a defect requires a great deal of planning and preparation, which can be difficult if you’ve never filed a lawsuit before. To get the help you need for your case, hire an experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer from Harris & Graves. Complete our online contact form or give Harris & Graves a call today.