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How You Should Deal With Aggressive Drivers

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When traveling on roadways, you will have to deal with an assortment of drivers. There are the slow drivers. There are the lane weavers. There are the drivers who always try to beat the light. Perhaps the worst sort of driver to encounter is the angry, aggressive driver. As Columbia car accident lawyers, we want to offer tips for dealing with angry drivers who might be experiencing road rage.

  • When possible, stay out of the driver’s way. If someone insists upon cutting in front of you when there is really not much room, slow down a little to give the driver space. If an aggressive driver insists upon going out-of-turn at a stop sign or a stoplight, allow the driver to go. The few extra seconds are not worth risking a wreck.
  • Keep your own anger or annoyance in check. This might be difficult if someone is tailgating you, cutting you off, or driving in a dangerous manner. Do not try to chase the person down or repay the person by trying to cut the person off. Two angry drivers will not make the situation better.
  • If an aggressive driver is following you and you feel you might be in danger, drive to a public location with witnesses. Do not pull over until you are in a safe location. The more witnesses, the less likely the driver will try to get violent with you.
  • When approached by an angry driver, make sure all your doors are locked. Do not roll down your window. Stay in your vehicle.
  • If you feel your life or others lives are in danger, call 911. If you are still driving, use either use a hands-free device or have a passenger make the call.

Sadly, road rage can lead to accidents. If you were injured in an automobile wreck with an angry driver, contact us.