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How To Make Sure You’re Paid Workers’ Compensation In South Carolina

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When it comes to workers’ compensation, you like to think you can count on it being there, on having your medical bills paid for should you get injured in the course of employment. The unfortunate truth is less hopeful: insurance companies that provide this coverage don’t like to pay out. They claim it’s to avoid abuse of the system, but the truth is their businesses out to make a profit, and they don’t make a profit by giving out money.

If you need this coverage, a little bit of knowledge and the right help can make sure that you get paid when you’re hurt while performing your work-related tasks, even in the face of a coverage denial. Learn how South Carolina workers’ compensation works, how to ensure you get paid, and where to go for help if you face a denial of coverage.

Be Meticulous

The most important thing to keep in mind when filing a workers’ comp claim is to be meticulous in your details. Report the accident as soon as humanly possible. Most laws impart a deadline to report your accident, and the sooner you do so, the better off you’ll be.

Make sure that you have the contact information of any witnesses to the accident in case you need people to back up your story. See a doctor right away. The more detailed your medical records are, the less room the insurance company will have to deny your claim. Never miss a medical appointment; doing so is a reason for the insurer to challenge how hurt you are.

Be Accurate and Detailed

Be sure that your initial claim includes as many details about your accident and the harm you suffered as possible. Be truthful, accurate and meticulous in every report you file. Again, the devil is in the details, as they say.

Be consistent every time you discuss the injury with the insurance representatives, your doctor, your employer and anyone else. Don’t add or omit information. If it seems like your story is changing, you could lose out on coverage.

Limit Access

Your insurance company is going to try and look for reasons to deny you. Make sure you sign a limited authorization in regards to your medical records. This means that they can only access medical records or bills after discussing the action with your attorney. Don’t allow them access to medical records beyond your immediate injury.

In addition, never record a statement. Once you do, you’re locked into what’s on that recording and it can haunt you later.

Get a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The most helpful step you can take right away when you’re injured is to contact a South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney. The insurer is much less likely to try payment avoidance tactics when they know they’re dealing with an experienced lawyer, and an attorney will ensure that your rights as the victim are protected. If you live in the Columbia area and you’re in need of representation, contact the attorneys at Harris and Graves today to find out how we can help get you paid.