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What You Need To Know To Drive Safely Through The Snow in South Carolina

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The holidays are coming up soon, and that creates a number of exciting events and the challenges that come with them. Along with family, friends and fun come record numbers of cars on the road during months when snow and ice present very real dangers to drivers all over the nation.

It’s important at this time of year, perhaps more than any other, to be very careful on the road and take the right steps to ensure both your safety and the safety of other drivers. Learn these helpful tips for safely driving in snow and inclement weather, and how a South Carolina car accident lawyer can help if you’re in an accident.

General Winter Driving Tips

When you drive in the winter, taking the right general steps can go a long way towards keeping you safe. Never drive when you’re tired or fatigued—make sure you’re well-rested before getting behind the wheel. Never turn on your car and let it run in your garage or other enclosed areas. Keep your gas tank filled at least halfway. Turn off your cruise control; it removes control of the vehicle from you. Use your seat belt and keep your eyes ahead of you at all times.

Long-Distance Tips

If you’re taking a long-distance road trip to visit family across the country, be prepared. Check the weather reports for where you are and where you’re going. Try to avoid driving if severe weather is expected. Make sure other people know your route and estimated destination. Keep in touch at all times. Make sure your vehicle is checked over by a mechanic and has no problems prior to leaving. Keep your gas tank at least halfway filled.

If You Get Trapped

Keep an emergency kit in your car with a cell phone charger, batteries, flashlight, portable radio, extra clothes, blankets, road flares, food, water, medication and an emergency tool kit. If you get stuck, stay with your vehicle—leaving deprives you of shelter and makes it harder to find you. Wrap yourself in blankets to stay warm, tie a brightly colored cloth around the antenna, leave the dome light on if possible and do whatever you can to make the car visible.

Snow Driving Tips

When driving in the snow, give yourself plenty of room to stop between your car and other vehicles and obstacles. Take it easy and go slow. It’s better to get somewhere a little late than to get into an accident and not make it there at all. Assume at least double, if not triple, the time it will take you to stop or maneuver in the snow. If you have an ABS system, don’t pump your brakes. If you don’t have ABS, pump your brakes to help slow and stop. When going up hills, don’t slow or stop—keep your foot on the gas. Lifting your foot off the gas can cause you to lose traction.

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When you are involved in an accident, make sure that your rights are protected. If someone else is behaving irresponsibly and you are injured as a result, a South Carolina car accident lawyer can help protect your rights and get you all of the compensation to which you are entitled under the law. If you’ve been hurt in an accident and need help, contact Harris and Graves for a free case evaluation and help today.