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How is Pain and Suffering Valued After a Car Accident in Columbia, SC?

An injured woman getting out of her car after a car accident in Columbia, SC.

Car accidents happen all the time, all over the country – unfortunately, many result in injury or death to one or more drivers or passengers involved. If you’re injured in a car accident, you may be stuck with medical expenses, car repairs, and lost wages.

While you may be compensated for these expenses from the insurance company, you may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. Unlike medical bills, which have a specific dollar amount, pain and suffering is more difficult to estimate. If you’re wondering how pain and suffering is valued after a car accident, continue reading. The team at Harris & Graves, P.A. is here to help, and we’ve broken down some valuable information that will be useful to you.

Understanding Pain and Suffering

A Columbia, SC, woman struggling after a car accident. If you’re injured in a car accident, you will likely seek medical treatment and have thorough documentation to back up your expenses. These medical bills show proof of what you had to pay for your injuries and the financial impact on your life.

Unfortunately, some injuries leave a lasting impact. Your injury could result in pain and discomfort for weeks, months, or years after your injury. If this happens, compensation for pain and suffering may help you deal with the physical and emotional impact of the injuries.

Pain and suffering may include:

  • Physical pain
  • Prolonged discomfort
  • Mental health concerns
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of activities in which you were interested in the past
  • Loss of companionship if the injury affects your relationship with your spouse, partner, or family

How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated?

An injured Columbia, SC, man meeting with his car accident attorney.Insurance company settlements are usually determined by the economic impact the injury had on your life, such as medical expenses or lost wages. These claims are easier to substantiate because they involve bills for medical treatment, physical therapy, medication, and car repairs, proof of wages from pay stubs and tax returns, and a record of time off or missed days from injury-related appointments or issues.

Pain and suffering is what’s known as a noneconomic impact, which is more challenging to assign a dollar amount to. For pain and suffering, insurance companies determine the value by looking at a number of factors, including:

  • The extent of your injuries and whether they caused long-term pain
  • The severity of the accident and the potential for emotional distress
  • Your life prior to the accident and how your injury may affect your normal work, hobbies, and activities
  • Evidence such as witness statements and medical records that support your claim of pain and suffering

Because pain and suffering lacks the physical bills or documentation other losses have, insurance companies will slash this compensation from your claim first. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side who knows how to fight for pain and suffering compensation and will be a loyal advocate for your rights.

Call Harris & Graves, P.A. to Seek Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is one of the most challenging types of compensation to seek from an insurance company after an accident and can be difficult to prove, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Columbia, SC, Harris & Graves, P.A. can help. Our experienced team of car accident attorneys will be a dedicated partner in helping you seek the compensation you deserve for your car accident injuries. Call 803-799-2911 or fill out the online form for your free case review!