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How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After A Fall

Personal Injury Lawyer

A slip and fall is one of the most common personal injury accidents. Depending on the situation, the consequences can be devastating. Fortunately, there are legal options you can choose to pursue if you have suffered from a slip and fall accident; for South Carolina residents, getting in touch with a Columbia premises liability lawyer as soon as possible might be the best move. Otherwise, you might miss out on important pieces of information that could make or break your case.

The attorneys at Harris & Graves have represented countless individuals attempting to get their lives back on track after a personal injury accident, and we may be able to do the same for you. Read on to learn more about how a lawyer can help you after a slip and fall incident.

What is a Slip and Fall?

As the name suggests, a slip and fall occurs when an individual literally slips on something, whether it is a wet or slippery surface or a physical object. These falls can range from mildly irritating to life altering, depending on the circumstances. A slip and fall accident can result in loss of income or other serious consequences you may need help with as you recover. Another consideration is who is at fault for the slip and fall. There are legitimate reasons for water, debris or other messes to appear on a surface. How can you determine responsibility for your accident?

Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall?

Determining liability in a slip and fall case can be a little tricky, although in most cases it must happen on someone else’s property. In other words, if someone spills a drink at your house and you slip, the guest is not necessarily responsible.

Having satisfied that general requirement, one of the following must be true:

  • The owner or employee of the property must have caused the floor surface to be slippery.
  • The owner of employee of the property must have known that the slippery surface posed a potential danger.
  • The owner or employee of the property should have known about the dangers posed by the slippery surface because a “reasonable” person would have discovered and fixed it.

Of these three situations, the third is perhaps the most common and most difficult to prove.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

In addition to “reasonability,” your own carelessness is something you will need to keep in mind when moving forward with your slip and fall case. For example, did you have a legitimate reason being where the slippery surface was? Were there any warning signs posted nearby regarding the slippery surface? Carelessness can definitely affect the outcome of your personal injury case, so be sure to discuss your options with an attorney.

Learn More with a Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer

A slip and fall can lead to very serious injuries if left unchecked, and it may be a good idea to get in touch with a personal injury attorney if involved in one. For additional information on how South Carolina residents can pursue a slip and fall case, contact a Columbia personal injury lawyer with Harris & Graves today to learn more.