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Greenville Truck Accidents Can Cause Damage To Both Property And People

If you’ve ever been involved in a Greenville truck accident, you know just how serious they can be. A totally loaded semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000lbs, so there’s no doubt that these are big, dangerous machines. They can demolish other vehicles, they can damage property, and worst of all, they can take lives.

You don’t have to look any further than Cherokee County to see how much destruction follows a big truck wreck. According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation, a tractor trailer collided with the Tribal Road Bridge, which runs over Interstate 85, last weekend.

Enough damage was done to the bridge that it had to be completely closed. An inspection team had to be brought in to evaluate all the damage done to the structure and make sure it’s safe for travelers. It was determined, however, that the bridge was structurally deficient and shouldn’t be traveled on. Traffic on I-85 will still be allowed to pass under the bridge while repairs are done. Until they are completed, the bridge will remained closed.

In one instant, a big truck caused enough damage to shut down an entire bridge. You don’t even want to imagine the damage that can be done if one of these behemoths run into your family’s automobile. As truck accident lawyers in Greenville, we know first-hand how terrible those accidents can be because we’ve been serving truck accident victims in South Carolina for decades.

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