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Four Tips To Stay Safe During The Holiday Season

Christmas Wreath Stock Photo

Fall in South Carolina mean two things are in season–hunting and the holidays. You won’t need a Columbia car accident lawyers when you’re deer hunting, but Christmas shopping can come close to being a contact sport, so it’s always good to know who to call.

November and especially December have always meant more accidents–not only are people out more with shopping and socializing, but as the weather gets a little dicier and icier more accidents happen. And this year, with the historic flooding in many parts of Columbia, you’ve had to watch out for flash flooding as well.

Here are four tips to stay safe during this holiday season.

Pay Attention

This should go without saying, but with so many driving distractions these days it does bear repeating. Never, ever text and drive. Also, don’t e-mail, check your social media, or even talk on the phone while you’re behind the wheel. If you’ve got kids in the back seat, keep them occupied so they’re not a distraction either.

Slow Down

Everybody’s overwhelmed this time of year, and rushing around like crazy to “get it all done”. If you’re a few minutes late to a party, make a late grand entrance–it beats not getting there at all because you had a detour by the ER. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going, and be aware of general traffic problems–if the roads by the mall backs up at 6 pm, it’s going to be twice as bad now.

Be Alert

Fatigue contributes to as many accidents as anything else in the winter. Most everybody’s a little sleep deprived and preoccupied, so when dusk falls at 5:00 it’s easy to be yawny on the way home. If it’s late and you’re tired, find a ride home–cab fare’s cheaper than your deductible.

Stay Sober

Again, this one should go without saying, but enough people do get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t that it can’t be stressed enough. Get a designated driver, call a cab, or call someone to pick you up. Be on the lookout for others who might have hit the punch bowl too hard, and if you see someone driving erratically give them a wide berth.

There’s a lot of cheer to be had this year, so if you find yourself in a fender bender, contact us and we can help you continue to enjoy this festive season. And about that deer? Unless he’s a reindeer he’s probably not insured, so you’ll definitely need to give us a call.