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Follow These 3 Tips To Help Your Attorney With Your Case

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If you have hired a team of Columbia car accident lawyers to help you with your case, you are probably looking forward to having the situation handled the right way. Your lawyers should handle most things for you, but there are ways that you can help make your case a successful one.

For example, you can help your attorneys prove your injuries. These are a few ways to do so.

Do Not Decline Medical Assistance

Do not decline medical assistance. See a doctor or go to the hospital as soon after your accident as possible. If your doctor recommends that you return for a follow-up appointment or suggests that you see a specialist, make sure that you do so. If you don’t take your own injuries seriously, how can you expect the insurance company to do so? Plus, getting the medical care that you need can help you heal.

Save Everything

Save everything that you receive about your injury. Discharge paperwork, doctors’ instructions and medical bills should all be saved and given to your attorney.

Keep Records

Keep a record during the healing process. Jot down how you feel each day, and take pictures of any visible injuries. Your case might take weeks or months, so it’s important to write down how you feel now so that you will remember later.

If you help your lawyer prove your injuries, you can help ensure that your case goes as it is supposed to. If you need a personal injury attorney to help you with your case, contact us at Harris & Graves, P.A.