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How To Find The Right Nursing Home For Your Loved One In Columbia, South Carolina

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Putting a family member into nursing home care is a stressful process. Nobody wants to admit that their elderly loved ones can no longer live independently, nor do they want to admit that they are incapable of providing the needed care. When you do make this decision, you want to be sure that the facility you choose is the best possible one. Learn some tips for choosing the right nursing home, the questions you should ask and how a South Carolina nursing home abuse lawyer can help.

Use Your Senses

You should absolutely visit any nursing home you are considering and use all five senses while you’re there. Look around to see if the facility seems clean and sanitary. Do the residents address staff by their names? Addressing staff by familial titles can be a red flag. Does the place carry very strong odors that could indicate poor sanitation? How does the food in the cafeteria taste? Do you notice bruising or injuries on a lot of the patients? What about bedsores?

Have perspective and understand that there are likely patients there with problems such as dementia and incontinence; look for severe signs and flags that something may be wrong and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Speaking of Questions

Talk to the staff. Ask what kind of hours they work every week. Try to get a feel for whether the facility is properly staffed and that the existing staff are not overworked or overstressed. Observe staff interactions—are they smiling and friendly or do they look exhausted and bordering on rude to one another? Are they interacting with patients or are they segregated when not performing direct duties?

Ask how the residents tend to spend their days — and observe this while you’re there. If you see a lot of residents lounging around and socializing, this is a good sign. If the place looks like a ghost town, not so much.

Personal Care Requirements

Make sure that the facility puts the patients first. You want a care home that is going to meet all personal care requirements of the patients, no matter how strict, difficult or extensive they may be. If there’s a limit on how often per day adult diapers are changed, for example, that could be a red flag.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you choose a facility for your loved one and begin to suspect abuse or neglect, first know that it is not your fault. Second, you should immediately contact a qualified South Carolina nursing home abuse lawyer. An elder law attorney can possible situations of abuse, gathering evidence and making sure that the care facility is held accountable for their actions.

Never be afraid to protect your senior loved one. If you suspect circumstances of neglect or abuse in your nursing care facility, read a bit more about nursing home abuse and contact us as soon as possible to protect your elderly loved one’s rights.