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Your Guide To Filing A Work-Related Accident Report in South Carolina

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Work related injuries can happen very suddenly and can result in devastating injuries. After your injury, you might be planning on applying for workers’ compensation benefits to support you until you heal. However, before you will be able to receive your benefits, you will need to fill out and submit an accident report.

If you’ve never filled out an accident report following a work injury, you may not know how to fill out a successful report, or what you should do after it has been submitted. Here are some tips for filling out an accident report after a work-related accident, so that you can get the benefits that you need to recover.

Never Delay a Report

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that you receive your workers’ compensation benefits is to fill out your accident report as soon as possible. If you delay filing your report, it may indicate that your injuries were not serious and that you don’t need compensation. Also, there is almost always a thirty-day time limit for filing an accident report, after which you will not be able to receive benefits.

Facts Your Report Must Contain

Other than filing in a timely manner, the crucial factor in receiving your workers’ comp benefits is to fill out your accident report correctly. You can get the form from either your employer or your state’s workers’ compensation board — the form must contain all the information relevant to your accident and your injuries.

Information you should include in your accident report includes:

  • The kind of injury you’ve suffered and what parts of your body it has affected
  • The cause of the accident
  • Workers involved in the accident
  • The precise location, time and date when your accident occurred
  • Any medical treatments you have sought for your injury

When your accident report is completed, you should give it to your employer so that the claims process can begin.

Keeping Records

To make sure that your workers’ compensation claim is approved, it is important that you keep detailed records. These records will be very useful if your claim is delayed or denied.

First, you need to keep copies of any documents and forms you’ve had to fill out as a result of your injury. Second, you should carefully record how your injury is affecting your job performance. Similarly, you should keep paychecks or stubs from before and after your injury so that you can demonstrate how the accident has damaged you financially. Finally, you should keep track of your medical records and any out of pocket costs you’ve had to pay.

Get Advice After a Work Related Accident

It’s very easy for a workers’ compensation claim to be denied, usually through no fault of your own. If your claim has been denied after a work-related accident, then you need to fight for your benefits with the help of the workers’ compensation lawyers at Harris and Graves.

One of our attorneys will examine your case, including your accident report, and will work with you to receive the workers’ compensation benefits you’re counting on. Contact us about your work related accident so that we can start working for you.