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What should I know about workers’ comp?

Well the thing about worker’s compensation is that it’s a very complex set of laws. And unless you have an attorney that knows each of those laws, and what benefits are available to you, then you might get left out. For example, there are a number of things you can collect- medical expenses, prescription costs, wages while … Continued

Are there time limits to file a workers’ comp claim?

Yes, there are time limits to file a worker’s comp claim. In fact, there are two big time limits. The first is that within ninety days of the injury occurring the injury must be reported to the employer. The second is, is that if you’re going to bring a worker’s comp claim itself through the … Continued

What is partial impairment and how does it affect my case?

When someone is partially impaired, what it means is that some part of their body has suffered a permanent injury. And it’s what entitles them to a recovery of worker’s comp benefits for the permanent injury. Now, there’s several types of permanent injury. One of those types of permanent injury is a totally total permanent … Continued