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How do I know how much my accident is worth?

Well, the truth is we don’t know yet. However, once you go through your medical treatment, once we’ve had an opportunity to investigate it, once that work is done, then we can determine what the value of the case is. What you need to be worried about right now is you need to have a … Continued

Do cases usually settle without going to court?

Most cases do settle without going to court. We find in our practice that about ninety-five percent of the cases settle without us filling suit. Of that five percent we file suit on, a small percentage of those actually go to trial in the courtroom.  Now, the reason that I believe that that is the … Continued

Do you get good results for your clients?

Yeah, we get great results for our clients. What we do is we do a full investigation into the case, and also into the available insurance coverages. There’s lots of different types of insurance that people have on their automobile policies, and that other people have on their policies. And it’s knowing how to use … Continued

What do I have to do after I hire you?

After you hire us, you really don’t have to do anything other than get better. And the reason why is because we take care of dealing with the insurance company. We take care of gathering your medical records, of getting all the documents, of doing an investigation into the case. What that allows you to … Continued

What Makes You Different?

I think what makes Harris & Graves different from other law firms is that we honestly care about our clients. You know, the practice of law is how we make a living but, at the same time, we actually help people. And that’s our motivation- is to help people.

How Much Does It Cost?

The good news is it doesn’t cost you anything to hire us to represent you. The way we get paid is we get paid at the end of the case whenever it’s resolved. And the way we get paid is based on a percentage of what we recover for you. There can be some costs … Continued

How long does it take to settle a case?

Well, that varies. And it varies based on the amount of medical treatment that a person has. Some injured people have medical treatment and they’re done in a few weeks. Some it’s months or even years that the treatment lasts. What we typically do is we’re not in a position to start negotiating a settlement … Continued