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What To Expect During A Car Accident Deposition in the Carolinas

Car Accident Deposition

Auto accident cases where you’re trying to get compensated for damages are civil cases, as opposed to criminal cases, and carry their own unique process. The first step in negotiating for damage recovery is the process of deposition, a less formal meeting where each side tells their story about what happened. Learn what to expect during a car accident deposition, what you’ll be asked, what the other side will claim, and how a car accident lawyer can help.

What Is a Car Accident Deposition?

A car accident deposition is one of the stages in resolving a dispute about damages in an auto accident claim. After the discovery process, where each side exchanges information and documents and gathers evidence about claims, each side brings in witnesses to make statements about what they saw or know. These statements become a valuable part of the negotiation process.

Who Can Give Depositions?

There are many people who may be called in to give depositions, and not always at the same time. These can include the drivers of the vehicles, their passengers, any witnesses, medical and healthcare professionals who gave treatment, investigating police officers, and any other parties involved or witness to the accident. Depositions can be very basic, between the two involved parties, or they can be complex, involving dozens of people. It depends on the severity of the accident.

Where Is It Held?

In most cases, the deposition must be held in a place with easy access to the person being interviewed, but they can be held anywhere—a restaurant, an attorney’s office, a library, the courtroom, a doctor’s office, a conference room in a business, even in your own living room. You’ll work out the details with the attorneys taking the deposition.

Who Will Be There?

There are several people present at a deposition. These include the questioning attorney, the witness being interviewed and their attorney, any lawyers with an interest in the suit, and the court reporter who is recording the interview.

Under Oath

While a deposition is less formal than a trial or hearing, you will be giving your statement under oath, and it is vital that you answer all questions honestly and in a forthright manner. Every word you speak will be recorded, and if you are dishonest, it can come back to haunt you later.

What Will Be Asked?

The questions during a deposition interview revolve around the accident, your injuries and the compensation you’re seeking. You will be asked to talk about what happened, how you were injured, and the like. So long as you answer honestly, the questions shouldn’t be difficult for you. The entire process takes up to a few hours.

If you have been hurt in an accident, it’s vital to have an attorney in your corner to handle depositions, advise you on when, what and how to answer questions, and generally make sure that your rights are protected and you get all the compensation you deserve. Read more about Carolina car accidents, and contact us for more information today.